Botox is a cosmetic procedure used for several reasons such as to reduce wrinkles and prevent sweating. When performed by a professional, Botox is not a procedure to be worried about. There are a few side effects that you may encounter, but these side effects are temporary and should start to fade within a few days. Here are a few side effects of using Botox:



Some clients experience minor pain in the area (or areas) where the Botox injections where inserted. This is completely normal and should go away within a few days. It has been found that some people experience other pains such as headaches or other bodily pains. These are not common forms of side effects, though they should also fade and can be treated with mild painkillers. If this pain persists, clients should consult a professional.



Another minor side effect that may occur from Botox is swelling. This is quite common and is also nothing to worry about. The area is swelling as a reaction to a change in your body and as the Botox settles, so should the swelling.



The thin needles used to inject the Botox into your skin may cause some bruising. The bruising is not an issue unless it starts to spread; however, this is highly unlikely to occur, and you should notice that the colour of your skin will return to normal after a few days.



Itching could be the sign of an allergic reaction. This reaction may be mild and could go away; however, if you notice that the itchiness is not subsiding, and the area is starting to swell or go red, we suggest reaching out to a professional, and perhaps stopping the treatment.