Virtually Pain-Free permanent hair reduction with Alma Soprano ICE – the latest in-motion technology.

• Efficient on ALL skin types: Asian, African and Mediterranean skin and all hair colour, except grey.
• Breakthrough client comfort, procedure speed and consistent efficiency and results
• Between 8 and 10 treatments, at least 6 weeks apart, with minimal yearly maintenance.

The Soprano ICE uses an In-Motion™ technology that continues to keep the skin protected whilst using heat to destroy the hair follicles. You can now freely move the hand piece over the skin while treating. The frequencies and wavelengths used are not traumatic to the skin and there is no ‘elastic band’ feeling that one usually feels with IPL or other laser machines. The Soprano ice also has a sapphire tip head that is cooled to -3 degrees Celsius so the skin is constantly being cooled and always feels comfortable.

You begin to see a result after the 1 session. You lose 14-17% hair density per session.

Every person’s hair on their body goes through 3 different hair removal phases. Depending on the body area being treated – these phases normally take 4-6 weeks (smaller areas) and 6-8 weeks (bigger areas). The laser only targets the hair that is in Anagen phase. That means that you would need to wait a few weeks before your hair returns to that phase in order to come for your next treatment. An instant spike in hormones/ hormonal changes sometimes influences the hair growth cycle/ hair growth phase. This means that you would need a few more treatments that the average person – but you will still get a brilliant end result.


An ALMA laser machine, being the Rolls Royce of laser technology, are utilized with it’s revolutionary IN-Motion technology for permanent painless hair removal on ALL skin types, even Asian, Black and Mediterranean skin. It also treats any hair type/color except grey hair, that does not contain a pigment.

The unique patented IN-Motion technology is not only favorable for permanent laser hair removal but also dermal healing resulting in breakthrough client comfort, procedure speed and consistent efficiency and results. Instead of simply blasting unwanted hair, it heats the hair follicles to the proper damage point very gradually without causing discomfort or longer treatment periods. IN-Motion™ technology allows for virtually PAIN-FREE treatment which enables us to treat more aggressively. This results in less clinic visits, less treatments and in the long-run will COST YOU LESS.

Hair has three phases of growth and during each of your up-to 8 treatments the hair in the active growth phase will be eliminated. Follow-up treatments can be repeated in 4 to 6 week intervals.

Pricing on popular areas:
(please ask our friendly staff for pricing on all other areas). Pricing may vary depending on grid size)

FACE Ladies / Men
Top Brow / Chin / Lip
Side Burns / Neck Front / Back

BODY Ladies / Men
Half arm – Lower (including elbow)
Lower / Upper Back
Full Back
Half Leg Lower (including knee)
Full Leg

BODY Ladies only
Mini Bikini (sides)
G-string Extended
Brazilian Bikini (strip)
Brazilian Bikini Extended (strip & more)
Hollywood (all off)
Hollywood Extended (all off & more)