Deep cleansing facial

This one is more focused on your specific skin’s needs. As the name suggests, this one goes a bit deeper into the pores, spending more time on extractions if necessary and using products to balance your skin’s pH levels, cleansing it from the inside out.

Tailored facial

Our specialists will analyze your skin before starting your facial, and then put together a facial treatment based specifically on what you need – which is great.

Otherwise, you can speak to your therapist before you begin, and they can recommend which treatment to select; be it an anti-ageing facial if fine lines are your concern or a hydrating facial for dry, cracked and dull skin, to name a few.

Chemical peel

It’s time to take it to another level! Now, contrary to what you may think, you’re not going to leave the spa minus a layer or two of skin, looking all kinds of scary!

A chemical peel is essentially just a more intense version of the above facials, which, in a shorter amount of time, rejuvenates the skin and, over time, can help eliminate fine lines, discoloration and breakouts.

They do use certain acids, but other than slight tingling, shouldn’t burn. There are also various strengths of peels, and your therapist should work with you and your skin, starting off low and building up over time. The results of peels, when done correctly, can be incredible.