Alma Soprano Ice Diode Hair Laser Removal

 IPL Hair Laser Removal

Motion and pain The applicator is always in motion, with a sweeping movement. The sensation is similar to a hot stone massage. The applicator has to pause with each ‘zap’ of high dose energy; the sensation is like being flicked with a rubber band… it hurts!
Safety and burn risk This is the safest laser machine currently available, because it works by gradually heating targeted hair follicles with gentle pulses of laser energy. Because of the high dose of energy that’s applied, there’s a risk of potential burns. Downtime is therefore possible, as is the smell of burning hair.
Treatment time Super quick treatment times, thanks to the sweeping motion of the applicator. The start-stop motion of the applicator, and having to pause for each ‘zap’, means that treatment times are longer.
Thoroughness The sweeping motion means that there’s a high coverage rate, so ALL hair follicles are targeted. Because the applicator has a start-stop motion, it’s very easy for the laser operator to miss treating follicles, and you are faced with the inconvenience of having to go back for a repeat treatment.
Skin types Can treat ALL skin types. Most laser and IPL machines can only treat fair skin with dark hair.
Time of year You can have a laser hair removal treatment at any time of year that’s convenient to you. Most laser and IPL machines can’t treat tanned skin, so that means that you can only usually have treatments in winter (and not in summer, when you most want permanent hair removal).


All of the disadvantages of IPL laser hair removal treatments are not present with Soprano ICE laser hair removal. This technology is painless, as the applicator comes with a cold tip and remains in constant motion to prevent burns. The treatment times are super quick, allowing the patient to be done in just a few minutes. Instead of skipping around and risking missing follicles, the Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine covers the complete area for an effective sweep. It works on every type of skin tone, colour, and hair colour, offering successful treatments any time of year.

The gentle pulses of energy do not hurt, and can barely be felt by patients. The ice cold tip of the applicator makes it feel like a paintbrush is being applied to your skin. This cost-effective and technologically advanced machine far surpasses IPL laser hair removal treatments in every way.

We think of the Soprano Ice as the ‘Ferrari’ of hair removal machines… it’s the very best machine that money can buy. (It’s what you deserve!)